Self Discipline is key

Self Discipline is key


What does having self discipline have to do with being successful in the salon world? After being in this industry for a little over a decade I can say I have watched stylists that are successful without trying, stylists that work hard and are successful, and stylists that think they are trying hard but are really just playing games on their phone all day. The way to create success as a stylists isn’t doing a million things and pretending to be really busy it’s all about what you are focusing your time on. The reason I bring up self discipline is because we all know it is really easy to put things off. Every second of the day that you are awake and focused on your goals YOU WILL grow. The challenge is that we focus to much on things that have nothing to do with our goals. We spend the day worrying about unimportant things. As a salon owner self discipline is even harder because you’re your own boss. The best way to start developing better self discipline is to create a daily list starting with the most important things and then filler things you can do on your down time. Make sure everything you choose to do during that day has a positive impact on your personal and professional goals. Spread the word. Share this post with a co-worker or your salon owner. #freesaloneducation #businessmotivation #marketingtips 


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  • Great point.

    Ruby hamton

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