Learn The FSE Cutting System Hands-On with Matt Beck (October 17th 2016) New Hope, PA

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Learn The FSE Cutting System Hands On

This class has a strong focus on understanding elevation, over direction, and head shape. We will perfect 3 different haircuts wet and then move on to dry detail work. After leaving this class you will have a much better understanding of WHY you are doing what you are doing and WHAT happens when you do it. 



The Event Center at Cornerstone

46 N Sugan Rd

New Hope, PA 18938

Questions please email orders@freesaloneducation.com 



6 Hours of Hands-On Education 10AM - 4PM

Pivot Point Erika Mannequin



6 Hours of Hands-On Education 10AM - 4PM

New Mizutani Scissor (Black Smith Fit, Ichi Nino San #1, Or Equal 2)

Ys Park 339 and 332 Comb

Pivot Point Erika Mannequin


We have an awesome day planned for everyone attending. If you are flying in or planning on staying overnight then New Hope has many bed and breakfast options available, or if you're looking for a more traditional hotel experience we have the Rodeway Inn and Suites (Phone number is 215-862-5221) address is
6426 Lower York Rd New Hope, PA 18938

New Hope is a tourist town so if you head down to main street you will find many Bars and Restaurants along the river to choose from.

Most importantly Mondays Hands-on event will be held from 10am - 4pm at
The Event Center by Cornerstone
46 N Sugan Rd New Hope, PA 18938

Tools needed for the class are:
Scissors, Cutting Comb, 4 clips, Blow dryer, Flat iron, paddle brush, and spray bottle

Tripod will be provided by us.   *Tickets are Non Refundable 

If you purchased a VIP Ticket your scissor will be distributed at the class.

Any further questions please email orders@freesaloneducation.com and we will get back to you asap. 


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