TriRazor by Free Salon Education

$ 44.95


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The Razor Reimagined. The Free Salon Education #TriRazor adds Comfort, Functionality, Precision Lines and Texture in the Palm of your hand. It's custom 3 sided design allows you to choose how much hair you would like to remove with a flick of the wrist. Use the CUTTING100 side to glide through the hair a create precision lines. Switch to the TEXTURE25 side to add texture to any shape, and add maximum movement with the TEXTURE50 Side. Cutting Hair will never be the same! 


  • 3 Razors In 1
  • CUTTING100 for Precision Lines and Slide Cutting
  • TEXTURE25 to remove Minimum Weight and Create Movement
  • TEXTURE50 to remove Maximum Weight and Create Movement
  • Easy Replaceable Blade Design


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